South West Circle of Lakeland Homeopaths

Kelston HallThe SW Circle was set up in 2006 by friends and fellow homeopaths Alison Wilding and Liz Light, both graduates of the Lakeland College of Homeopathy. The two had met a number of years previously when Liz, recently graduated, became mentor to Alison, who at the time was still a student. A firm friendship developed between them and they decided to set up the ‘SW Circle of Lakeland Homeopaths’ to bring homeopathic speakers to Bath and to offer a supportive network for practitioners. The Group is warm, friendly and informal and welcomes homeopaths from all backgrounds and disciplines as well as practitioners of other therapies.

The Group meets in the beautiful village of Kelston, just outside Bath. As well as listening to an invited speaker, there is also the opportunity to get to know other homeopaths and exchange ideas over a shared lunch.


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The Group has a warm generosity of spirit and an openness to new ideas and experience which broadens our CPD in the best possible way. The organisation is efficient, the people are interesting, lunch is usually of gourmet standards and the venue is a gorgeous place. It is the best mix of social environment and business purpose imaginable!

As a former student of Lakeland College I find this a great way to keep in touch with like-minded practitioners. The Group is very friendly and welcoming, the speakers always interesting and inspirational, and best of all, the lunch is fantastic! I travel all the way from Guildford to attend, which shows the value of this group.
Jane Spencer

This is a really friendly group for those looking for contact with like minded people, and the setting is beautiful too. The fantastically varied learning experiences are almost the icing on the cake!
Sonia Cartlidge LCPH

A delightful day spent with like-minded therapists. Alison manages to conjure up a wonderful assortment of interesting people to come and talk. Everyone contributes something to lunch which is always a happy social occasion to add to the experience.

The warmest welcome, ongoing care, support and great speakers are all to be found at the CPD meetings organised by the SW Circle of Lakeland Homeopaths. I know that I have found my 'home' here among a lovely group of homeopaths. The days are always amazing and I take away such helpful information for use in my practice and for my own personal development.
Brenda Pretty Cornwall

I had such a good day when I first attended a seminar - it was a very well run and professional event yet still felt very informal and friendly, and I felt fired up with new input. I also met up with lots of new colleagues and realised how refreshing that can be in our world where isolation is easy. I'm coming again!
Katrina Graham HMA

I wholeheartedly recommend the SWCLH group to anyone looking for a genuinely warm welcome; the group is completely non-clique and very supportive. I was bowled over by the friendliness from my first visit. The study days are extremely well organised, mouthwateringly interesting and totally applicable to practice. The shared lunches are a treat for the senses and not to be missed!
Karen Hampton
Graphic Designer – Design Intellect